The beauty training camp is a one week program that encompasses several aspects of teen development including, self esteem building, personal and professional style, social media, beauty, and more.  The camp is a five day, five hour per session course. Beauty Camp is a separate, private beauty training camp. The program only accepts up to 5 campers at a time. This way each person gets the attention they deserve. 17+ year olds that complete The Beauty Camp program will be eligible to assist Team FaceGyrl on beauty events in the future. Please call 917-979-FACE for fees and exact camp dates .

Some of the topics that will be covered are:

Vision Board Creation

Mentor Partnering

Interview Skills

Entrepreneurship Training

Makeup Training*

Social Media Skills

Personal Brand Development and Organization

Team TEEN is an ongoing mentoring program. Mentees can continue to participate throughout the summer BEFORE their senior year. All seniors who have gone through the program will be gifted with an amazing senior package as a graduation gift. TeamTEEN seeks to connect the youth of Shelby County, TN with leaders in their chosen fields, giving the opportunity to see that success does look like them and can come from where they come from. Students will be exposed to industry leaders, creative professionals, entrepreneurs and more.